Monday, January 18, 2016

Weigh In (1/18)

Well this has been the best first week I have ever had on a "diet." Who knew cleaning up my eating for real, and cutting out the crap (as opposed to trying to work it into my points/calorie allowance) would lead to a NINE pound loss?! I'm pretty shocked and excited to say the least. Add to the fact that I didn't count calories: I just ate the foods that were allowed. I also ate foods that weren't really allowed yet, like oranges, blackberries, the apple chips, the apple juice in the dressing, and Quaker Oatmeal Squares. But I certainly ate no junk foods. And it showed on the scale this morning!

I also got my last workout in last night about 9. Again on the bike. I do have a treadmill I should put some use to also. I will definitely be using it when I walk Katie's birthday 5k next Monday, so some practice walks this week would be nice!

Last week I set a goal to exercise 4 day, 30 minutes each day. I did work out 4 days, but I totaled over 2.5 hours on the bike for the week. With the exception of Wednesday where I struggled through my workout, the other days' workouts flew by. On Monday I watched The Biggest Loser as I was working out. I tried to find programs that would make my workout go by faster on other days also. Again, I know that it will get easier as I get more into my routine and build up my stamina. 

Here's to a great second week!

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