Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Goals and Rewards

Since I'm approaching 20 pounds down, I thought I should reward myself with something (none food, of course). It has been so embarrassingly long since I've had a pedicure, so I decided to do that. Then I decided that I should probably make rewards an every-ten-pound thing. This is what I came up with:

20 pounds lost- 200.8- Pedicure
30 pounds lost- 190.8Garmin 10
40 pounds lost- 180.8Pioneer Woman Cooking SetDutch Oven
50 pounds lost- 170.8- DSLR camera
60 pounds lost- 160.8- Massage/Spa Day
70 pounds lost- 150.8- New Clothes (because I have clothes in totes down to this size/weight.)
80 pounds lost- 140.8- TBD
88 pounds lost- 132 (GOAL!)- TBD

Those last two being to be decided because I honestly can't fathom those weights. My goal has been 132 since forever. I would put me at a "normal" BMI, me being 5'1.5". The goals that I do have are definitely motivating though. I would love to reach every single one of those weights so that I can get the rewards.

Moving on to goals, these were my goals from last week:
  1. Exercise 4 times. (Exercised 6 times.)
  2. Get to bed by 11. (All but Thursday.)
  3. Get in 3 veggies daily. (I honestly can't remember, but I think I did. I need to get the Momentum app!)
  4. Get water intake up. (Check, check.)
I did pretty good last week!

This week , my challenge is to fight hormones, and NOT eat Valentine's candy. I've already told my husband not to get me any chocolate. What he's gotten me the last couple of years is not available this year anyway, so I'll take that as a sign, haha. That pretty much leaves nothing for me then because I don't care for cards or flowers. I'm weird I know.

Anyway, goals for this week:
  1. Exercise at least 4 times. 
  2. Bed by 11.
  3. Avoid Valentine's candy!
  4. Do a household project this weekend. 

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  1. Rewards are awesome! I have rewards set at random milestones, but I've only fulfilled the very first one--which was to get a snazzy new haircut. I need to reevaluate mine and decide on some rewards that I'll actually fulfill!