Monday, February 29, 2016

Weigh In 2/29 + Leap Day Plans

Last week was a good week. I was healthy and sickness free. Fingers crossed this stays this way! My food intake was on point, and I exercised 3 times.

A great NSV from yesterday: I was able to wear size 15 jeans. I started the beginning of this year wearing 18 women's/19 junior's. So I'm down 2 jean sizes! Pretty stoked about that.

It makes sense though because my legs and butt are the first things to go when I lose weight. I so wish I were a pear shape, but alas, I'm not. My boobs have hardly gone down, and my arms need serious work. I wish there was a gym close to me, so that I could do some strength training. I may just have to resort to YouTube videos or something.

Moving on...I lost 1.2 pounds this week for a total of 26 pounds total lost! Happy for a loss after last week.

I worked out twice on my bike last week (Tuesday/Wednesday) and walked yesterday at the Nature Trail. It was my first time back since the day before Valentine's Day. And I FINALLY got to use my Garmin 10! Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was still "getting location" for almost 8 minutes after I started walking. So I can't really compare it to the Fitbit (it picked up the whole walk).

I also went grocery shopping yesterday at Walmart and Sam's and got in a lot of steps. I got my largest daily step count yet in.

Awesome Step Count!

For Leap Day, Katie at Runs for Cookies has mentioned she is doing a 4 mile run. Well, I am not running, but I want to go to the Nature Trail today and get in a four mile walk. I would like to do it faster than 18:30, which is my current record there. I've mentioned before that it is uphill for 2000 feet and then you come back down. It is still a struggle for me going uphill, especially the last winding hill. If I can ever get my speed up going uphill, my pace will be much better. I would love to work on improving my speed today.

I'll report how the walk goes tomorrow!

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