Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spoke Too Soon?

Yesterday, I wrote about how would do a 4 miler for the leap day. Well, of course, I should have known better than to set a pace goal P.R. right?

Right away things went wrong. Because my oldest son has Cub Scouts on Monday night, it would have been hard for me to do the walk in the late afternoon like I would have wanted. So I had to do it before I picked up the kiddos from school. I planned to leave at 12:50 to get there at 1. That way I'd have an hour and 20ish minutes to get it done and still have time to get a decent spot in line.

Well, my baby who normally is up by 12 from his nap, slept a bit longer today. That pushed his lunch back, which pushed my lunch back. I actually didn't end up leaving until almost ten after 1. I got there and started to walk, only to realize the sun was shining directly overhead. And with it being "winter" and all, there was no cover because of bare trees. It was 78 degrees then, with almost no breeze.

Then to makes matters worse, about halfway through the second mile, my left hamstring started hurting. I had already made the decision based on my pace and lateness that I would only do a 5k anyway. And this just sealed the deal. I really struggled to get through the third mile, but  did it! I was so relived when that walk was over!


For the first time, I was able to compare my Garmin 10 with my Fitbit.

Pretty stark difference I'd say. According to the Garmin, my pace was over 2 minutes slower, and I went a full 1/4th mile less than the Fitbit says. Weird, since they both use GPS, and they were side by side on my wrist. I didn't realize the difference would be that much! Either way, I definitely have some improvement to do with my pace, lol. Not that I put much stock into calorie counts, but they were vastly different too. 329 for the Garmin (that has my weight stored in) and 437 on the Fitbit (which also has my weight). Anyway, interesting comparison. 

I also took some pictures to give an idea of the Nature Trail and it's hills and turns.

Left: Looking up at the biggest incline hill. Right: At the top of the hill, looking down. 

Standing about halfway in between the trail. The lake at the bottom and the fence at the top.

Twists and turns.

The Riverwalk/Broadwalk portion.

Today my legs are still sore, so I will be resting!

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