Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Sizes, 30 Pounds Lost

As I mentioned yesterday, I am now 31 pounds down. Sometimes it easy to miss the small things while thinking about the big picture. I have a long way to go with my weight loss journey, but I didn't realize how far I've come since the beginning.

I was scrolling through my phone yesterday and came across some pictures I took of myself on January 5th. This was the day after my appointment, and the day after I ordered the DASH book. The difference from then to now really struck me.

Then I realized that I had taken some pictures on Friday in the same shirt. I recognize that I am losing inches, going down in sizes, etc. And other people are noticing too. I get told a lot lately about how I'm losing weight, and they can tell. I actually always shy away from the attention, mainly because I feel like I've been here so many times. I really want to succeed with my weight loss goals this time.

Anyway, so before and afters.

My middle son picked the flowers and wanted me to wear them in my hair, lol!

It's so amazing to see the difference in pictures! I have such an apple shape, but now I'm getting a waist. I'd forgotten what mine looked like!

And with more weight loss in the past month, I am now in size 15s, down from 18/19 at the start. I've been almost in these jeans for a while, but now I can wear them comfortably. Like sit-down-and-my-midsection-circulation-isn't-cut-off comfortably, haha. 

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