Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Witty Wednesday

Saw this in my DASH facebook group and had to laugh at how true it was:

Then I remembered I had to renew my license in December, and actually had to go up on my weight. When I renewed my license in 2007, I was pregnant with my oldest son and was about 170, so that's what I put. In 2011, it was left the same (I can't remember what my weight really was). In December, there was no point in still claiming I weighed 170 when the woman looked me up and down and asked, "Weight still 170?" in a disbelieving tone. So even though I was pushing 220 then, I said 195. 

What's really funny about the above image now, is that as of Monday (194.8), I'm no longer a liar! Woot!

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