Monday, March 14, 2016

Weigh In 3/14

Last week was the first week I've really struggled with my new eating lifestyle. Well, I should say, the first half. I did get my butt in gear with eating Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I stayed on plan and I feel so much better today than I did in my post Friday. Hormones, I tell ya. 

So a good last half of the week, combined with my 5(!) workouts, and I managed to lose 1.2 pounds this week, for a total of 27.6 pounds lost overall.

I'll take it! 

I actually have food plans/preparations for this week as well. My chicken taco soup is in the crockpot so that I can have lunch for 7 days. I will definitely be curbing the snacking from the pantry, and instead going back to my go-to snacks of pecans, cheese, yogurt. 

As I've mentioned, my workouts for last week were great. I exercised 5 times- 2 times walking, and 3 times on the bike. In addition to my pace PR walking last Wednesday, my bike average pace has improved so much. My speed has been around 12.1-12.2 mph average for a while. On Friday, my speed was 12.8 mph, and yesterday it was 13.8 mph. I'm able to not take as many breaks while biking now too. Before I couldn't go 3-4 minutes without having to stop and huffing and puffing. Now I can breeze through 10 minutes or more before I stop for a minute. 

On Thursday, my mom wanted to go for a walk only on the boardwalk portion of the nature trail. We went the the late afternoon and my sister watched the kids. We were out there for a little over thirty minutes and did a half 5k. According to the Fitbit anyway. 

This is something that I hope will become a regular thing!

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