Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Weigh In 3/7

The busyness rolls on. I actually did get in a weigh in yesterday before I left. I lost .4 pounds.

I put my fitbit on the charger Sunday night in preparation for Monday. But I was so busy trying to get everyone ready, I completely forgot to put it on! Sad face, lol. And I did a LOT of walking yesterday too (does it even count?!?!). My son went to see a scientific circus at the performing arts center in downtown Montgomery. We had to park quite a bit away and walk there. Lots of steps just standing around too. The circus itself wasn't even that good. My 7 year old was not impressed at all, haha!

Afterwards, we went to a park to have lunch. We paid for the kids to have Chick-fil-a as part of the field trip, so us adults went to Wendy's. I got the Chicken Apple Pecan salad in the full size, and only ate half! I could have saved $2 and gotten the half size, because I never got to eat the rest.

I did get my last workout in on Sunday as well. So I accomplished the goal of working out 4 times for the week. My walk last Monday, and biking Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

This week has started out great, so hopefully the weight loss will be more next Monday. Hubby's and my anniversary is Friday, but he has to work. We will be going out on Saturday, but I will stay on plan and not eat anything crazy. Here's to a great rest of the week!

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