Monday, March 28, 2016

Weigh In 3/28

Well, last week I made the statement that I was determined to have a good weigh in this week (or something like that). And I did it! I lost more last week than the 3 previous weeks combined. It's no secret that I've been bad about going off track with my eating. The culmination came with the pizza and getting sick from it. So I said enough with the BS and got back to basics. I cleaned up my eating big time last week and it certainly showed on the scale today. Funny how that happens.

This is a loss of 2.8 from last week, and 31.4 pounds overall. I have earned my 30 pound reward too!

Speaking of rewards, I finally got my 20 pound pedicure reward done on Friday too. Hence the sock-less weigh in pic, haha. I got it done just in time for Easter.

Messed up the big toe within 10 minutes of getting them done!

My boys and I before church.

My dress- Size 14!

On the exercise front, I got in my 4 workouts, 2 bike, and 2 walks. I also did 10 minutes on my rowing machine.

This week has started out with another walk with my mom and a bike ride tonight. My kids are out of school for spring break this week, so I don't know when I'll get to work out. I'm glad I have two down for the week. Pray my kids don't drive me crazy this week!

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