Friday, March 11, 2016

Pace PR + Measurements

My eating has not been good this week at all. Way too much snacking- and not on carrots or fruit, which I have in the fridge. No, this snacking is coming straight from the pantry. Definitely not DASH friendly at all. I am T-3 days until AF, and I have struggled with PMS this month. Last month I was getting sick during this time and in January I had just started this lifestyle. So this was my first true test of getting through the "IWANTTOSTUFFMYFACEWITHANYANDEVERYTHING" phase of the month, and I am sad to say I have failed hard.

I have been keeping up with my workouts though, and already have my four done for the week . The weekend will be busy with hubby so I may not get to work out anymore. I may go on another walk with my mom today. We went on a half 5k walk yesterday in the late afternoon, and it was great.

On Wednesday, I went to the nature trail for a 5k. I ended up with a pace of 17'52"! My Fitbit reports stats every 15 minutes. The first report told me that my average pace was over 20 minutes per mile. I immediately roll my eyes and groaned. I had actually been dreading the walk as it was my first one since last Monday when I wanted to set a PR. After that debacle, I was fed up with walking!

Anyway, I decided to keep pressing on, and I started going as fast as I could on the downhill portion of the trail. And even my uphill pace got faster. It helped that I went in the morning, right after I dropped my kids off at school, and there was no sun beaming on me. It was about 60* and perfect.

Super proud of that 3rd mile pace!

Today makes 2 months since I've started the DASH approach. I did not take measurements from the beginning, but I did take them last month on the 11th. I took my measurements again today, and am happy with the results.

Neck: -.5 in.
Right Arm: -.5 in.
Left Arm: -.5 in.
Bust: -1.75 in.
Waist: -2 in.
Hips: -2 in.
Right Thigh: -1 in.
Left Thigh: -1.25 in.
Right Calf: +.25 in. (who knows if I measured the same spot or not?)
Left Calf: Same

I'll really be glad when AF comes because I know I'll be back to normal. And I know this is really an excuse. I need to get it together. 

I just got back from Applebee's with my mom and sister for my sister's birthday. I ordered the Bourbon St. Chicken and Shrimp with mixed veggies. It was delicious. I ate about half and will eat the other half later. It was a tad bit salty, but it was about the best looking thing on the menu that I could have. I didn't research beforehand because my sister made up her mind at the last minute. Oh well. Trust me, it's one of the best choices I've made these past few days!

So I looked up the info, and no wonder it tasted salty...
Hello bloat! Not what I need at all, lol.

 Now to get through the weekend. 

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