Thursday, March 3, 2016

Monthly Goals- March

I've decided to do a list of monthly goals of all things I'd like to accomplish, weight loss and fitness included of course. Sometimes, me being really pragmatic backfires, so I'm really trying to set goals I think I can reach.

On the weight loss front, I'd like to lose at least 6 pounds.  This is a very attainable goal. And it fits with the experts recommendations of losing 1-2 pounds per week.

With working out, I'd like to get in at least 4 workouts per week. Any combo of walking or biking or dancing. I haven't done the Just Dance in a while now that I think about it.

In order to get better sleep, I would like to get 7.5 hours average sleep for the week. My fitbit gives me averages for the week. The past two weeks, I've gotten 7 hr, 27 mins and 7 hr, 46 mins respectively. Plus, the science is clear that you feel better and lose weight when you get enough sleep.

To keep up with my new year's resolution, I need to read two books this month. I just finished The Racketeer  by John Grisham, and I'm now reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

So, four great goals to accomplish this month. Let's get it!

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