Monday, February 22, 2016

Weigh In 2/22

What a week it has been! Sick for the umpteenth time this winter with a respiratory infection. I did 0 exercise for the first time this year I believe. The last time I worked out was Saturday the 13th, a walk at the nature trail. That was actually a really good day for my steps and all. I walked my longest distance so far, 4.26 miles in 1:18:54 (18:30 pace). I took a rest day that Sunday since I had hit my exercise target for the week. Then last Monday, I woke up with a ragged cough. I thought it would be nothing, but nope.

I am all better now though, and will be back at exercising today! Bike tonight, and tomorrow and Wednesday- nature trail (Hubby's off). I still have yet to use this...

And to ward off any future sickness, I bought these...

Since I lived off orange juice and soup, it's no surprise then that I had a significant loss. Pretty sure for breakfast this morning I have eaten more calories than I ate daily Monday-Friday last week. So these results are definitely not typical, haha.

The best thing about last week and being sick was that I was able to start and finish a pretty lengthy book that I have had on my list for a while. I love to read, and actually my only resolution this year involved reading. I wanted to read 24 books this year, so two a month. One of my favorite authors is John Grisham, and I have yet to read his latest few books. So after finishing up a Nicholas Sparks book (The Rescue- so good!), I started on the "sequel" to A Time to Kill.

Sycamore Row turned out to be very good and I finished the whole book by Saturday, over 600 pages. Now on to The Racketeer.

So onward and back to normal this week!

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