Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lab Work Update + 5 Mile Walk

So I heard my from the nurse regarding my lab draws, and she told me my cholesterol has improved This means I do not have to be put on medicine for it. She said the doctor wants me to continue with the diet and exercise, and we'll follow up at my appointment in 6 months. Great news to start my day!

Yesterday, I never did get to get my walk in with my mom. It was hot yesterday, and the sun was shining directly overhead until it set. Well, today has been overcast and 71*. I knew I wanted to take advantage of it. So I headed off to do some bill paying and then headed to the river walk.

When I first started walking, I was thinking, "Oh, gosh, I am so not feeling this walk." I told myself I would do 2 miles and that would be it. I left my phone in my pocket, and barely checked it. After the first 20 minutes or so, it started to get better. I got into a groove, and I wasn't feeling tired or anything. So I said I'd do a 5k. That came and went and I decided to beat my previous longest distance of 4.26. I went up into the trail one more time and ended up at 4.65. What the heck, why not go for 5 miles? I had time before I had to pick up my son. And I did it! Over 5 miles in fact.

Now I'm sore. But it's good. It hit 10,000 steps sometime in the 4th mile. It's been since last Monday that I got 10,000 steps in. I don't really care to hit it every day, but it is nice when I do!

Perfect negative splits!

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