Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weigh In 4/11

I wanted to get this up really quick. I lost .6 pounds this week.

I got 5 workouts in- a 5 mile walk, a 4-ish mile hike, twice on the bike (Tuesday/Thursday), and a Just Dance workout Friday. I had rest days on Monday and Sunday. 

My baby woke up Tuesday night not ten minutes in, so I stopped once I realized he wasn't going back to sleep.

Yesterday also marked 3 months of Dash-ing. My total weight loss for the three months is 33.6 pounds. I also took measurements and lost everywhere but my neck, which stayed the exact same. My best loss was in my thighs(-1.5). 

The main 3:

Bust: -.5
Waist: -.5
Hips: -1 

Doesn't seem like a lot, but it is progress (and maybe I was a little bloated, too. AF showed up last night/today!). 

My birthday is Friday, and I'll do something with my husband on Thursday. My middle son has a field trip to the zoo on my birthday and I signed up to chaperone. That should be fun, lol. So lots of walking. Otherwise I'll try to keep my eating in check in this birthday week. 

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