Friday, April 22, 2016

30 Pound Goal Shopping

I hit my 30 pound goal a few weeks ago. And last Friday, I went to get my rewards for reaching that milestone. I did change it up slightly. I decided I didn't need a whole cookware set. So I got the cast iron skillet, the colander, dutch oven, and I completed my table set.

There are two more cups also! I just love this set. It's called Happiness!

I am a huge Pioneer Woman lover! I have been following her blog for about 8 years now. I have made many of her recipes, and watch her show religiously!

In other news, this week has been going great! I have been on track with my eating, and I have exercised every day this week so far. I am making sure to get 250+ steps from 8 a.m-10 p.m. I am shocked that I haven't been doing this before. Looking at my Dashboard and seeing hours that I am not getting those steps in was a wake up call.

This is also looking to be a record breaking week with my Fitbit. I have gotten in 10,000+ steps the last 3 days, including a record high 18,414 on Wednesday (with 8.09 miles, also a record).

The calorie burn is also a record. Almost 3,000!

My highest weekly step record right now is 56,228. Pretty sure I'll break that today, and then there's still 2 more days in the week. My highest active minutes record is 345 from 2 weeks ago. We'll see if I break that one or not. 

This morning on the scale I saw a new low, so the gain from Monday is already gone, plus a little more. We'll see what the scale says Monday. This weekend will be active though. My oldest son's birthday is today, and there will be bowling tomorrow, and there is a fair in town he wants to go to. Tomorrow is the last night, so we'll be going then. 

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