Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weigh In 4/4 + Dr. Appointment

First off, I was so nervous for my Dr. visit yesterday. I woke up and took my b/p (124/74) and got on the scale.

A loss of 1.6 this week. Then I took my pill, got the kids off to school, the baby off to my mom's, and headed to my appointment that was at 8:15. When I got to the back, I even told the nurse that I was nervous. So she got my weight (193.0 on their scale- fully clothed with shoes, plus I'd had some water). Got in the room for the vitals, and sure enough, my blood pressure was 140/88. Not bad, but I know it was a little of the white coat syndrome going on. Considering what it had been in January though, my doctor was pleased. She told me to just stay on my medicine, and come back in 6 months. Oh, and she was pleased with the 25 pounds (according to their scale) I've lost! They did recheck my cholesterol too, but I don't know the results of that yet. 

Last week was great on the exercise front too. I worked out 5 times- 3 on the bike, and two 2 mile walks. 

Walk with my mom on Monday

Solo walk on Thursday

On Wednesday, I did my longest bike ride so far. 16 miles! With a 15.7 pace. When I started out riding, I was going at a 11.8 pace. The bike I have has 8 levels of resistance. I've been going at a 4 this whole time. After I realized that I had improved my pace almost four miles an hour over the last few months, I've put the resistance on 5. Indeed that's what it was on for my Sunday night ride. And those calorie counts from Monday and Sunday are NOT the same picture. Apparently, the algorithm set up in the bike spits out 181.1 calories for 7.5 miles regardless of time or resistance. I had a higher resistance on Sunday and went 2 minutes 12 seconds more and still got the same calorie count. Another reason not to eat back my exercise calories. I never know if they're right!

I didn't get in any exercise yesterday, but today I'm walking with my mom, and I may do a 30 minute bike ride tonight. 

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